Celebrating Excellence: Ms. Lindsey Named Parent of the Year at MSE Elementary Cordova

Celebrating Excellence: Ms. Lindsey Named Parent of the Year at MSE Elementary Cordova

MSE Elementary Cordova is proud to announce Ms. Lindsey as the recipient of this year's prestigious Parent of the Year award. Ms. Lindsey has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication, support, and involvement in our school community, embodying the spirit of parental excellence.

Not only is Ms. Lindsey a devoted parent, but she also serves as a vital member of our PTO, where her hard work and dedication have made a significant impact. From coordinating fundraisers to organizing school events, Ms. Lindsey's tireless efforts within the PTO have strengthened our school community and enriched the educational experience for all students.

Principal Mr.Caliskan remarked, "Ms. Lindsey's dedication to our school community is truly exceptional. Her passion for education and genuine care for each student's success are evident in everything she does. We are incredibly grateful for her tireless efforts and proud to honor her as our Parent of the Year."

Ms. Lindsey's impact extends far beyond the classroom and the PTO, as she continuously seeks opportunities to support the broader community. Her selfless acts of kindness and generosity serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

As we celebrate Ms. Lindsey's well-deserved recognition, MSE Elementary Cordova extends its heartfelt gratitude for her outstanding contributions and looks forward to continued collaboration in nurturing a thriving educational environment for our students.

Join us in congratulating Ms. Lindsey on this remarkable achievement! Your dedication and passion truly make a difference in the lives of our students and the entire MSE Elementary Cordova family.
parent of the year Ms. Lindsey
parent of the year Mrs. Lindsey