MSEEC Car Riders Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Drop-off and Pick-up FAQ’s

What if I am picking up and/or dropping-off students at the Middle School and Elementary School:

Morning Drop-Off: If you are dropping siblings off in the morning, please drop them off using the entrance for the youngest sibling. There will be someone to walk the middle school siblings across the street to the middle school building from 7:15am-7:45am.

Afternoon Pick-up: Middle school car riders with siblings will walk to the elementary school to join their younger siblings; so, parents of siblings will only need to come through the elementary route.  

Daycare Arrival and Pick-up: Daycare operators should use the bus lane for pick-ups and drop-offs.
Please click the link below to see the full procedure along with the graphic showing pick-up and drop-off locations for each grade level. Thank you for your cooperation.